As most of us that start baking blogs, baking has been a love of mine since I was old enough to help my mother and grandmother in the kitchen. My first solo bakes were concoctions that were baked in the microwave until they reached the consistency of a hard rubber. Luckily my mom was very supportive and praised them before sneaking them into the trash and I continued to bake whenever I could. After years of reading books and watching baking shows, I learned the basics where I could start being creative and developing my own recipes.

I then began to focus strictly on plant-based (or vegan) recipes after having some vegan friends that had a hard time finding really great bakes. My goal is to match the vegan recipes to be every bit as good as the traditional ones while using less animal products in our diets.

Besides baking, I have always been passionate about art & design, from photography, gorgeous food and creating a beautiful world around you. After years of remodeling and designing rooms, I am taking on a full renovation of our new home built in the 1930's with my husband and our cat and dog (meet them below).

This is not just a blog for vegans, but anyone wanting delicious recipes to bring more plant-based foods into their world.

Get in touch! Email me at hello@jamisonjoy.com to work together!

meet the sous chefs


Structured and dignified, Boops manages the kitchen with a watchful eye. She prides herself on making sure everything is cleaned to high standards and recipes are perfect before they make their way on the blog. 

Boops sticks to the kitchen management side since she is extremely picky and it’s almost impossible to live up to her standards. 


More affectionally known as Bae or Bae-Bae, she is more of the chaotic neutral of the kitchen. Making sure the kitchen floor is spotless and no scraps go to waste are her highest priorities. 

Bae is not picky at all, so her judgement of recipes can not always be trusted. But she is always ready to help at a moments notice and great company in the kitchen!

Some FAQs:

Welcome to the beautiful world of plant-based baking! I may sound a little dramatic when I say it’s life changing – but I really feel it is, in so many ways!

To start getting a feel for how plant-based baking really works, what you need to stock your pantry or how this diet helps people with allergies, START HERE! My intro to all things vegan baking!

If you don’t care about the technical side of things are just want a yummy and easy recipe, I totally get it! You should definitely start with my Chocolate Chip Oatmeal Bars. Quick, simple, warm & delicious – Hands down an all time favorite!

I use my Nikon D700 for all my food photography. I have had this awesome workhorse of a camera for almost 10 years with no issues – and I haven’t been easy on it! It’s seen many long wedding days, tons of wet noses from pet shoots and been completely covered in all kinds of baking experiments. If you are looking to invest in a full-frame Nikon for photography, I recommend the Nikon D750 – it combines amazing photography + HD video, which sadly the 700 doesn’t have.

I photography in almost exclusively natural light right next to my sliding glass door. From all the lighting devices I have tried over the years, I feel like nothing compares to natural light to make the beauty of the bakes shine. It does limit photo sessions to certain times of the day – but it’s totally worth it.